August 3, 2019

Big Sky Wildflowers


Well, folks, Big Sky country did not disappoint! We went on one hike in particular that was so beautiful. The weather was perfect—in the 70’s, with a light rain that stopped just as we got on the trail. It was late afternoon/early evening when we started off. Within a few minutes of the trailhead it felt like we were in the wilderness, but with a nice trail to walk on. :)

Every direction I looked there were beautiful wildflowers of all sorts. It was fun to identify what I could. Many wildflowers look very similar to their cultivated cousins, as you might expect. Lupines, wild roses, columbine, and wild geranium were all easy to figure out.

Wild columbine. There were some that were white and yellow, as well (as you saw on the title picture.)

We were in bear country, with 2 sightings reported on the trail we were hiking within the last week (!) We had all of our kids with us; thankfully, my little 2 year old was in the hiking backpack. The rest of us stayed close together and kept talking to make some noise. My husband and I both had bear spray, but we didn’t need it. Didn’t see much of any type of wildlife, except for the backside of a deer that my daughter spotted as it ran off into the brush.

Good times in Big Sky. Do you try to identify wildflowers on your hikes?

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