June 19, 2021

New Boxes Planted!

 We got the new garden boxes planted!

I just took pictures of the flower box, because the rest were mostly seeds--so they look empty.

I decided to go with tones of peachy pink, raspberry, dark pink, and purple.
All my favorite colors!
After some thought, I did some perennials in this bed. I'm assuming we'll rent the same beds next year.
If not, or if we move, I will have to dig them up and bring them--or give them away to a friend.

This daylily is in the back left corner, below.
Love it!

In the middle I put a 'Cheyenne Spirit' coneflower.
You know how much I love those!
Then in the corners I've got the daylily above, Coreopsis Li'l Bang 'Starstruck', a bright pink geranium, and bright pink petunias.
On either side of the coneflower are 2 agastaches: 'Sunrise Orange' and 'Morello.'
I also put in 3 achilleas, all 'Summer Pastels' variety, and one lavender for my youngest daughter 'Hidcote Blue.' I filled in empty spots with Verbena Lascar 'Mango Orange' and alyssum 'Easter Bonnet' mix.
It's going to be so pretty once everything fills in and starts blooming!

In the long skinny bed, the kids planted half beans and half carrots--a mix of colors for each.

The other square box had almost 10 pounds of potatoes hidden under the soil!
After digging those out and refilling with dirt, the kids planted our one zucchini plant in the corner, then they did onions, corn, wheat grass, and bunny tails grass.

In this box I planted 3 varieties of sunflowers in the big empty spaces you see there.
I pulled out the parsley. The leaves were yellowing and it was going to seed.  
I don't remember the names of the sunflowers offhand, and the seed packets are in the garage!
One will be velvety burgundy, one was a mix of colors, and the other....nope, can't remember.
Those are my dahlias there, front left, getting big and bushy!

Plus a glimpse of the winter squash with very tall peas back on the left.
Everything has really started to take off these past couple of weeks!

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