January 13, 2017

What I Didn't Do in December...and What I'll Be Doing Next Fall

I've mentioned a couple of times that December was sort of a lost month for me, in many ways. So just in case you were dying to know the extent of the damage, here you go! I've been kind of curious myself, because I keep thinking of things to add to the list! (Hoo boy.)

Things I Didn't Do In December

1. Fill up Advent calendars for the kids.

Oh, I hung them up at the end of the hallway...and that's as far as it got. In past years I've had fun activities to do or leftover Halloween candy, or a mix of both. This year? Nothing. Finally around Dec. 12 my kiddos asked if I was ever going to put something in them. Um....no. I guess not. I handed over the bags of candy saved for this very purpose and told them it was their job to fill them up this year.

2. Put up outside Christmas lights.

This is usually my job and one that I enjoy--at least the results. I don't go too crazy, but generally at least the front porch, railing, and doorframe get done. After a week of tripping over the box, I put it back downstairs in the storage room. Sorry kids. Not this year.

3. Baking or treat making. At all.

[This was last year's Bake-a-Palooza. Fun times.]

Nothing for in-town friends or neighbors. Heck, nothing for us to munch on in the name of holiday indulgences. Nada.

4. Fill up my bird feeders. Poor birds.

5. Wrap presents.

You think I'm kidding. I wrapped the bare minimum for stockings on Christmas Eve, and didn't get the rest done until the night we came back. Literally last minute. (We had 2nd Christmas the next morning, since we didn't bring any presents with us on our trip.)

6. Exercise. Just didn't happen.

7. Blog...much. I put in some effort, but it wasn't much.

8. Volunteer at my kids' schools.  Supposed to happen weekly. Didn't happen at all in December.

9. READ.

You've got to know something's going on, when I could not even make myself sit down and read a book. I did manage to read Christmas picture books to the kids. One saving grace! But for myself--in the 3 weeks before Christmas I read ONE middle grade novel, and it was 3rd in a series that I was already interested in (post on that next month!) The last 2 books in the series were only available on e-audio from the library. Actually, that worked out well. I couldn't bring myself to pay attention to a book, (!) but lying in bed in the dark while someone else read to me? That was about my speed for December.

10. Go grocery shopping.

My husband went instead--bless him!--and I was so grateful I almost cried. Okay, I totally cried. A little.

11. Cook...much.

I managed to keep my people fed, with the help of frozen pizza, cold cereal, and lots of sandwiches. Thanksgiving leftovers helped a lot. My husband and kids helped where they could, too.

With everything that didn't happen this year, there is one very important thing that I managed to do in December--and I'm not talking about getting my Christmas cards sent out (though I am proud of that, considering.)

I survived the 1st trimester of my 4th pregnancy!!

Survived would be a good word for it. That was the most morning sickness I've had so far.
(Still not debilitating, mind you. Thank goodness.)

Which brings me to...

Part 2: What I Will Be Doing Next Fall

Ever since school started this year, I've been thinking about what I will do to fill my time next fall. You see, my youngest will be starting kindergarten and around here it's full-day. I've thought about everything from getting a part-time job, to writing a novel, to planning out my flower farm, to sitting on my couch and reading the day away. Well friends, I guess now I know what I'll be doing!

Actually, it sounds quite heavenly. Snuggling with a new baby in a quiet house? Yes, please! In some ways it will be like having my first again, except this time I will be able to completely enjoy it, without all the first-time mom fears getting in the way.

So, baby #4 will be joining our family at the very end of June. We can hardly wait!

(p.s. The kids are super excited, too!)


  1. Congratulations! Very exciting news, although I'm so sorry you had to suffer through a first trimester over the holidays, that is no fun.

    1. Thank you Suzanne! At least I was coming out of it by Christmas. :)

  2. A million congratulations, Linnae! I actually have always wanted a big space like that so that I could pretend to be a brand new mom again (but with the experience and less worry!). I'm so happy for you. Will you find out what you're having or leave it a surprise?

    1. Thanks, Amy! Oh, we'll find out all right. It will still be a surprise--just at 20 weeks instead of 40. :)