March 8, 2017

March is a Tease

Listen up, March!
It's time to stop this nonsense!

Guess how many times it has snowed in the last week?
Somewhere around 4, including right now.
How about rain?
Um...whenever it's not snowing.
Sleet, hail, or any of those mixtures?
At least 3 times I can think of right off.
What is UP?!

I mean, I expect variable weather in spring.
That's just what it is.
 But this. This is ridiculous!

Here's how it's gone down:
Wake up to 1-3 inches of snow covering everything.
It sticks around for a few hours to a few days...
...until it warms up enough to rain.
Rain melts (almost) all the snow.
Throw in a little sleet or hail or freezing rain during the transitions.
Oops! Temps dip colder again. Back to snow!
Wait another day or so.
More rain!

Oh my goodness!
It's killing me!
I get a glimpse of grass and bulbs poking up and dead plants that need clearing out, then they're gone again, completely covered with SNOW.
It's pretty, I suppose, although by March snow has ceased to impress me.
You know what would be even prettier?
My spring flowers!!
I mean, at least it's melting off (mostly) each time.
I guess.

Can it please please please just be spring already?!
Also, some sunshine to dry things out a bit would be much appreciated.
I mean, while I'm asking and everything.
I am itching to get out and do some spring chores!

Instead, every time I look out the window, something wet is falling from the sky.
I am beginning to sympathize with King Derwin of Didd.
Maybe some nice oobleck would be better.
At least it would be green!

By next week it's supposed to be in the 50's! YES!
Except, raining every day. Boo!

That's March for you.

* * * * *
What's your weather like?
Have any sunshine you can send my way?


  1. This post made me smile because I'm right there with you (although right now our weather is GORGEOUS). March (and even April) can be so cruel.

    1. I know good weather MUST be on the way. It's just hard to be patient for it to actually arrive!