March 28, 2017

Times and Seasons

While I was right on top of things with reading goals this year, you may or may not have noticed a distinct lack of gardening goals or plans. This is unusual for me, and it's not because I have suddenly stopped caring about gardening. Ha!

No. The thing is--we're moving.

We've known about this for quite some time, but it has taken a long time to get everything finalized, so we haven't been free to talk about it--until now.

We are leaving here in early June for beautiful Heber Valley, Utah.
I am excited for this change, especially as we will be much, much closer to both sets of parents.
Right now we are a 12-hour drive from either--which sounded really close when we lived in Missouri! Now that we've been here for 7 years, though, 12 hours (each way) is a lot of driving, particularly with 3 kiddos in tow.

Not only that, we worry about our parents making the drive out to see us, too. Any way you come there are mountain passes to go through, with no cell phone reception, which tend to be quite icy and slick in the winter.
For a long time we've felt like we needed to be closer.
So we're off in a couple of months! 

However, as you might suppose, that puts a damper on any gardening plans I might make this spring.
We have been packing and getting our house ready to put on the market--here in the next week or two, we hope. Instead of figuring out varieties of vegetables I want to try, or what to plant this year, my focus has shifted to maintenance: clearing out and weeding flowerbeds, pruning, etc.
I will probably put in a small spring veggie garden, more as a selling point than anything, since we won't be around to harvest it. Then, we'll be leaving right around the time for planting summer stuff.

A few weeks after our arrival in Utah, it will be time for this baby to make an appearance.
Let's think about this:
Newborn + new house + moving boxes to unpack + midsummer = not much time for gardening this year.

Maybe we'll get lucky, and the people we buy our house from will plant a garden for us.
Or maybe I will have to make do with visits to my parents, in-laws, and siblings gardens this year.
 Either way, you know, it's going to be okay.
Everything goes through cycles in life: there is a time and a season for all things. 
I've come to terms with the fact that this summer will be a dormant cycle for me when it comes to active, hands-on gardening.

This kind of makes it sound like I'm going to be done blogging about gardening for the year, too.
Don't worry--I'm not!
After all, I've got to document my last spring in this home!
At the same time, I am excited about the prospect of a fresh start.
While it will be too late in the season to plant much, I will have plenty of time to think and plan out what I want to do with our new yard and garden areas.
Not to mention, my Dad is a gardener extraordinaire, and we will actually live close enough to go up and help with the harvesting this year! (He grew somewhere around 5,000 pounds of potatoes last year. You read that right. Fun times ahead!)

So yeah. That's what's going on in my life. :)
 Any exciting news to share with me?


  1. Congratulations on the move! That is super exciting. And that is right around the time when we'll be making a move too, although our details are far from finalized, we still have so much to figure out. Oh, and where/why did you live in Missouri (my husband's from MO)?

    1. Thanks Suzanne! It's a bit stressful at this stage, but it will be all good in the end. :) We lived in Springfield during my husband's residency. Is that anywhere close to your husband's hometown?

  2. That's so exciting about your move! Glad you get to live closer to family. Since I'm just a hop and a skip away from you, let me know if you need any help packing or such. :)

    1. You're the best! Thanks, Julia! I'll let you know. :)

  3. So great you will get to live near family! That is so wonderful, especially with your kids who get to spend more time with and be close to their grandparents. I hope your move and everything with the baby goes smoothly!

  4. Excited for you; super sad for us. Not sure when to tell my J, or if I should just let your J tell him. It will be so nice for you to be near family, though!

    1. We will miss you! We've made so many good friends here--that will be the hardest part of leaving.

  5. I'm so sad about this, but happy that you guys will be near family. I'm glad you have this blog so I can keep following along with your books and gardening adventures. You guys will be missed!

    1. Thanks, Allison. I think it will be a good change for us, but a hard one at the same time.

  6. Yay! Ever since we met last fall, I've been waiting for this announcement! I'm so glad it's all working out! Good luck with everything!

    1. I know, right?! It has taken so long to come together! I hope we can see more of each other once we finally move down. :)