August 9, 2017

Pretty Sunsets

Isn't it about time for a post about clouds? 
I thought so too.

Though there have been some awesome daytime clouds, these are all sunsets.
I have been saving them up for several months now, so these first ones are from Washington.

April 2017

June 2017
Right before we moved--quite a sendoff!

August 2017
Ok, these last 2 are from Utah.
I was trying to capture all the different shades of blue up in the sky, but obviously my camera skills could use some work. Take my word for it--it was really pretty.

Plus--mountains! [sigh] Love it.

p.s. I never realized how much I would enjoy living close to the mountains.
Where some people say they feel blocked in by them, they seem protective to me.
Plus, I can figure out directions a lot better, because I can use the mountains as landmarks! :)

* * * * *
Are you a wide open spaces kind of person, or do you like some mountains in your skyline?
Tell me everything!


  1. Haha, when I moved out of Utah for the first time seven years ago and lost mountains, I realized that I have absolutely 0 sense of internal direction. I was so disoriented for months until I figured out new landmarks. In Chicago, I finally figured out how to orient myself to the lake (even though I couldn't see it like the mountains), and in Houston I had to learn to orient myself to the freeways (pathetic). I miss mountains so much! And always being able to tell what direction I'm facing based on where the mountains are.

    1. That's funny! In Kansas City I had the same problem! I also had to learn to orient myself to the freeways--hey, not so pathetic. It worked!