October 12, 2019

The Race is On

Along with much of the country, we had a deep freeze hit us this week. We’re talking lows in the teens for the past 3 nights. It was too doggone cold to do much outside! This afternoon we warmed back up to the low 60’s, which felt so warm after the arctic blast!

We have approximately one week before the deep cold returns—possibly to stay this time. One week folks! The list of Things To Get Done Before Snow is a bit daunting. Also because regular life doesn’t just stop while your weather reprieve happens. So—pretty much anytime after school hours and into the evening is out for working outside: parent teacher conferences, music lessons, soccer, homework, etc. etc. Earlier in the morning is also out, because it takes quite awhile for it to warm up out there and I have a 2 year old who can’t keep mittens on to save her life. So that leaves me—roughly 3-4 hours per day to work outside, if I’m lucky.

I had a couple of these poppies blooming late this fall, which was a pleasant surprise! Now I’m clearing them all out to plant bulbs (and spreading their seeds along the row in hopes of having them again next year!)

Here’s the priority list of Outside Chores:

  1. Plant bulbs—HEY! Did I tell you? My bulb order came in! I’ve only got approximately 500 bulbs to get in the ground this week. Minus 18, which I got planted today. Yay! And also HURRY!
  2. Plant 2 shrubs + 2 heucheras. So, I made a trip to Lowe’s last week. What can I say? I walked out of there with what I intended, along with a few tag-alongs. The shrubs are both euonymous, which I’m thrilled about, as they make excellent cuts. Got to get them in the ground before winter comes for real.
  3. Clean out the rest of the garden. All the weeds and dead flowers. This one right here could eat up every spare hour. That’s why the planting comes first. I’ll be weeding before, during, and after the planting too—just in those focused areas.
  4. Empty out flower pots.
  5. Order seeds for fall planting and chuck them out there. This one may or may not get done this week. I need to look in my seed bin and see what I have already, first.

Last of the cosmos.

Really only 5 things, but 5 is plenty for this week. It is also Fall Break towards the middle to end of the week, so we may be going out of town. Slice that week down to …let’s say 3 days.

Ready, steady, GO, GO, GO, GO!

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