October 27, 2017

Raspberry Patch

I got our raspberry patch started!
It's in the far back corner of the orchard; down by the compost bin, close to the fence.

It doesn't look like much right now, but I'm hoping it will thrive!
(I'm also hoping the deer don't eat the plants!)

If you squint you can see a few leaves poking up here and there.

I put in 2 different types of raspberries, 5 of each kind.

Everbearing; large, very flavorful fruit; it is very vigorous and disease resistant.

Everbearing; large, firm, sweet, dark red berry; superior quality all purpose raspberry.
Harvest June & October.

I'm already looking forward to a harvest in October!
Usually by then I'm done canning the other fruit, so that would be a perfect time for some jam-making. Also, I'm hoping with everbearing raspberries there will be enough to keep my little foragers satisfied and even bring some inside too!

So, apparently there are 2 different methods for pruning everbearing raspberries.

1) You can simply cut all canes down to the ground in the spring.
Easy enough, but then you won't get the July crop.

2) Top off the 1-year old floricanes (green), which will produce your July crop.
Cut all 2-year-old canes (brown) down to the ground.
The new primocanes growing up will produce your fall harvest.
Also easy. Raspberries are nice to color-code themselves that way!

I will probably go with the second method, particularly as I enjoy pruning raspberries.
10 plants does not seem like much right now, but raspberries generally fill in fairly quickly.
We haven't put up any supports yet, but there's still time.


  1. I can not wait to see those berries harvested. I hope your hard work pays off and they turn out to be as juicy as ever.