February 3, 2022

A Wish in the Dark, by Christina Soontornvat

 After reading All Thirteen by this author, I was eager to see what else she has written. So I was excited to find A Wish in the Dark. Then when I found out it had ties to Les Miserables? All in!  

A Wish in the Dark
, by Christina Soontornvat
2021 Newberry Honor

5 stars: Original fantasy with connections to one of my favorite books. Outstanding!

Pong and Somkit live in a Namwon Prison. They aren't criminals--they were born there, and have since become orphans. They have to stay until they age out of the system--4 more years. Unless they can escape. Not that they have made any plans or anything, but one day when the opportunity presents itself, Pong takes the chance. He gets out! Alone. He left Somkit behind. 

Now Pong must make his way in the world without getting caught and taken back to prison. Now if he goes back, he will be a criminal, just for escaping. Chances are not good that he would escape twice. 
However, it's a big world out there. The governor controls the light that the people have. 

After a big fire in Pong's grandfather's time, no-one wishes to use fire anymore, ever. Then the governor came with light inside of him that they learned to hold inside of glass globes. Brighter lights for the wealthy, as it has turned out, and dimmer colors for the poor and middle class. They have even discovered how to power boats and machines with their lights. 

Pong can't worry about all that, though. He just has to survive another day without being caught. Little does he know how his own life will be connected with the future of the city, his people, and the light.

* * * * *
This was such a satisfying read. I enjoyed the setting in a Thai-inspired fantasy world. The characters were well done and believable. The threads and connections back to Les Miserables added another layer. It was a great experience!

This is one I will encourage my children to read. Strongly encourage. :) 

Content: Clean.

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