February 18, 2022

Safecracker: A Chronicle of the Coolest Job in the World, by Dave McOmie

This book was one I found browsing the nonfiction shelves at the library. It just seemed interesting, so I grabbed it. I'm glad I did! It was a good read. My 14 year old read it as well and also liked it.

Safecracker: A Chronicle of the Coolest Job in the World, by Dave McOmie

4 stars: Enjoyable, fast read.

 Dave McOmie's job is to break into safes and bank vaults. If the combination goes missing or has been forgotten, if the time clock gets wound too tight or something gets stuck, Dave gets a call and off he goes. He spends a lot of time travelling to his job sights, as most of them are far enough away to require an airplane flight. He has to bring his tools with him--drills, lots of extra bits of various sizes, and expensive scopes to look into the holes he has made. It's often a timed or high pressure situation. 

Between jobs, Dave is a dedicated family man and a philosopher at heart.

* * * * *

I found this fascinating. His job is one that rarely crosses my mind--but then again, I have never needed a safecracker. The book takes the form of "A Week in the Life," going day-by-day through the jobs required. He also tells stories of other jobs he has done, people he has worked with and for, and throws in some philosophy here and there. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into his life and perspective.  

Content: A little profanity, plus a couple of the safes had x-rated contents, which were mentioned but not graphically described.

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