April 15, 2016

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day: Pink & White Delights

For those visiting for the first time, I garden in Eastern Washington state, zone 5b.

April is my favorite month--and not just because it's my birthday month, either. Despite the capriciousness of the weather, it is just so good to be alive in April! Signs of life in every direction, leaves budding out, flowers blooming, balmy but not too hot, (between the random snowstorms). I love it!

The kids had Spring Break last week, and we went out of town for a few days. When we left there were so many things on the verge of blooming--I had high hopes for many lovely surprises when we returned. I was not disappointed.

Look what I found!

Back Flowerbed:

'Abraham Darby' rose filling out, with a few daffodils behind.

Buds on the peony!
This is year 3 for this particular one, and the first time there have been buds.
We may actually get blooms this year!

Tulips, with flowering almond in the background.

Most of the year, the flowering almond fades into the background, but in April it is my favorite shrub.
Look at those mini pink pom-poms!

These are behind the mockorange.

The early daffodils are all finished now, so this is round 2--mostly minis.
I don't know all the varieties, but aren't they lovely?

Identified! Narcissus 'Hawera'.
Thanks, Angie!

I think the double minis may be Narcissus 'Cheerfulness.'

These are in the flowerbed by the shed:

Cherry trees

We've got flowers!
I hope that means we will get some fruit this year, too.

Front Porch Bed

Bleeding hearts (dicentra).

Front flowerbeds:

Top terrace:

It's nearly all hyacinths up top right now.
I actually don't remember planting the mix of colors, but I like it.

Pale blue 'Valerie Finnis' muscari there in front.

I liked this little color combination with the white and purple/blue.
The white mucari are Muscari botryoides album, and the ombre on the right is Muscari latifolium.
Yes, there are weeds abounding.
Keepin' it real.

Middle Terrace:

'Festival Pink' hyacinths have really multiplied.
I love their airy, less compact flowerheads.

Closeup of the tulips.

Bottom terrace:

The grape hyacinths (muscari) are really multiplying down front, as they tend to do.
It's probably about time to divide them and spread out the goodness a little.

Look at this grape holly! (mahonia aquifolium)
It was just a mere slip of a thing when I planted it a few years ago.
It has grown to fill that narrow, shady spot beautifully, and April is definitely its time to shine.
The bright yellow just lights up that dark corner.

East-Side Terraces:

Not much to say here except LILAC BUDS!!

Around back once again:

This ornamental plum tree is just a cloud of pink right now.
I can see it out of my kitchen window and it makes my heart so happy!
Finally, in the vegetable garden:

We have things sprouting!
As far as I can tell, everything but the carrots has come up!
(I'm not worried--carrots usually take longer than the rest.)

To see other gardens around the world, head over to Carol's blog at May Dreams Garden.

It's amazing what 3 days can do in April!
Do you have tulips blooming right now? Do you miss your garden when you go on vacation?


  1. What a lovely sight for your return home. So many lovely blooms Linnae. Your unknown daffodils - the second one down is Narcissus Hawera. No tulips here I'm afraid yet. I only grow species tulips and they can late to bloom here.

    1. Hi Angie! Thanks for identifying the Hawera. I bought a few different mixed bags, so it's nice to know at least one of them for sure. :) I have decided tulips are my reward for living in a cold climate!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So many beautiful blooms! I love that flowering almond and the pink tulips! My tulips are just now starting to bloom. I don't have very many, though, as the deer find them so tasty. Spring is so exciting!

    1. Hello Indie,
      Yes, I've heard that deer like tulips. It's unfortunate, isn't it? I'm hoping to help my parents put in a flowerbed this fall, and as they often get deer, I'm trying to figure out what would even survive. (So far, alliums are pretty high on my list!)

  3. What a lovely surprise when you returned, your garden is in party mode, you have so many beautiful blooms! We don't have many tulips as our ground is too wet in the winter, they tend to rot away. Most tulips I grow are in pots.

    1. It was such a lovely sight to return to! Tulips don't do so well in our native soil either, which is pretty much straight clay. My flowerbeds all have imported soil, otherwise they wouldn't survive.
      Thanks for visiting, Pauline!

  4. That mahonia is lovely! I need to get one of those. And I love the tulip and flowering almond combination - beautiful. Enjoy your spring!

    1. Thanks Erica! In addition to the beautiful spring flower, the mahonia has been completely fuss-free so far--in a difficult spot, too. I'm sold on it!

  5. I see why April is your favorite month, Linnae. I love this time of year too. Such beautiful bloomings in your garden! Stunning view from your kitchen window. I think this is the first time I've visited your new blog. It's lovely! P. x

    1. Thanks so much, Pam! I'm glad you came by!

  6. Lots happening in your garden. I love this mini daffodils. I planted some last year and am anxiously awaiting their appearance. I also have a couple of peonies who look like they will finally bloom this year. They are plants that take a long time to mature.

    1. I can't seem to get enough mini daffodils! Peonies definitely stretch my patience, but when they finally bloom they are worth it. Thanks for visiting!

  7. It's lovely when you come home to a garden that is blooming and yours certainly is. I love the almond blossom. Do you get nuts as well or is it purely ornamental? Good luck with the peony. I moved one last year yet it's come back with three buds - tickled pink with that!

    1. The almond is just ornamental--in fact, I'm not sure it's even related to the nuts (Prunus glandulosa is the scientific name.)
      Wow--that is great that your peony took to moving so well. I always expect to wait for a couple of years.
      Thanks for stopping by!