June 20, 2016

A Few Additions Here and There

I can't seem to resist a bit of tinkering in the garden!
Although the flowerbeds are all officially "done," I have managed to sneak in a few more plants here and there. It's a sickness, really. Must have more flowers!

Right around the mailbox:

Geranium 'Strawberry Sizzle' x 2
Verbena 'Empress Flair' burgundy and purple verbena

In the past I had just let the weeds take over in this little spot, after the tulips and daffodils died off.
However, now that the sod is there looking so fine and neat, I couldn't do that.
Hence the geraniums and verbena.
As I dug down to plant them, I pulled up several bulbs, which I decided to replant elsewhere.
This is probably a better spot for annuals anyway.

In the shed bed:

There were a few bare spots back here, where some of what we planted last fall didn't make it through the winter.

This bed is so symmetrical--had to keep that going.
So I put in a similar group of 3 on each side of the hydrangea.

Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit'
I'm already really liking this coneflower.
It is very bright in this picture, but it has different colors all on one plant, ranging form the deep red you see here, to various shades of orange.
My daughter chose the color scheme for this bed and she likes it bright!

Achillea 'Summerwine'
Coreopsis 'Big Bang Full Moon' (in bloom)

The achillea hasn't bloomed yet, but it looks pretty close.

I hope they all grow big with deep roots this summer, so that I'll see them again next year!

Finally, in front in the top terrace:

Monarda (bee balm) 'Cranberry Lace' x 2

A little splash of color up here.
But now that I've planted it, I'm thinking it would look even better with 3 or 4 more of the same thing evenly spaced between the shrubs. Don't you think?
Okay, okay. I'll go back to the garden center!
Sheesh! Force me into it!


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