June 16, 2016

June Bloom Day

I am a day late with my Bloom Day post this month.
School got out on Monday, and I feel like we've been going at a dead run ever since!
However, next week should be much better.
So far, we only have 2 things planned--much more my speed for the summer!

I have some beautiful flowers to show you this month.
I garden in Eastern Washington state, USA, zone 5b.

We'll start out front, with my 3 terraced flowerbeds.

Shy bellflower under the mums.
I didn't expect this one to come back!
It was tall and stately in my flowerpot 2 years ago, then in the fall I transplanted it here.
I didn't see any sign of it last year, but here it is!
There's definitely a purple/pink/yellow/white theme going on.
Can it still be a theme with 4 different colors?
My English rose is very floppy--not sure why. I may need to add some low trellising to tie it to, so those gorgeous blooms can be seen better.

miniature rose, with salvia

The salvia is kind of taking over!
These poor little Asiatic daylilies can barely poke their heads through!

Last peony, with more salvia.

This is the English rose on the bottom terrace.
Also a bit floppy, but not as bad as the top ones.

Going around the bend.

Guillardia with daisies
This view makes me happy on a daily basis!

More Asiatic daylilies getting smothered!
Poor things. I really must transplant them this fall so they can have a little room to breathe.
On this corner, the sorbaria is the culprit.
I may cut it back a bit as well.

I never would have put these two colors together, but I love how they look!
The reddish purple are seedheads forming on my ninebark bush (Physocarpus), and the lighter purple are catmint blooms.

Further on down my eastside terrace, the butterfly bushes I added this year are still quite small, but blooming prolifically.

Now to the back!

In the vegetable garden, the peas are coming on!

The kids have already been picking some out of their little patches, but I'm waiting for mine to plump up just a bit more. They are so close!

Some California poppies in my cutting garden (middle of the vegetable garden!)
This area is struggling, but I'm hoping it takes off soon.

On the back slope, the wild daisies are in their glory right now.

In my shade bed, this little columbine has been blooming for over a month now!
I am very appreciative of its longevity!

In the back flowerbed along the house, the mockorange is just covered this year!

This tall lily, 'Elodie' is just starting to open up, as well.

Well now we are to my back deck.

I have a few bright containers to welcome you in!

If you lived close, I'd have you in for a cool drink at this point!

For more beautiful flowers from all around the world, visit Carol's blog: May Dreams Garden.
Thanks for exploring my garden with me today.
What do you have blooming lately?


  1. I love those containers - they make such a statement. You've many plants blooming right now Linnae. Well done.

  2. Your terracing is looking wonderful with all your beautiful flowers and I'm impressed with your containers too!

    1. Thank you Pauline! I'm really enjoying it.

  3. Your terraces are looking fabulous! I love that Physocarpus/catmint combo.

    1. Thank you, Jessica! I love it when the colors and plants surprise me in a happy way. :)