October 11, 2016

Taking in Fall

Breaking news!
We had our first frost last night!
It was a light one--grass and windshields frosted, but nothing blackened that I can tell.
Better get out there and bring in the rest of the veggies today.

Okay, back to our regular programming...

Fall is just so beautiful.
The richness of the color stirs my soul.

I went on a walk last week to a little park close to our house and brought the camera with me.
Even weeds and grass look pretty in the fall!

Staghorn sumac, you are so gorgeous!

Once I took the first picture of grass (below), I began to realize how many different kinds of grass there were along the trail, all beautiful in their own right.

(Are cattails considered a type of grass?)

I love this time of year!
It's like everything pulls out all the stops for one last show before frost.
Now if I can get just get my kids to wear long pants and sweatshirts.....
(For the love! It's 45 degrees outside!)

There is beauty all around.

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