October 31, 2016

End of October: A Dark & Stormy Day....

Welcome to my Eastern Washington, USA garden.

We live on the dry side of Washington state, but you'd never know it these past few months.
We have had a rainy, rainy fall this year--more so than most years.
There has been a break in the clouds and wet weather maybe once a week, if that.
My kids are really hoping that this means we will get big piles of snow this winter.

So, after a pouring rainstorm all night long, we woke up this morning to strong winds as well.
I ran out and snapped these pictures, shivering, and rain straight back in.
Remember how I said I am a Fair-Weather Gardener?
Yep, that still applies. Brrr.

The vegetable garden is done, although a few of the herbs are still going strong.
The green on the bottom is the oregano, and the top terrace has some thyme and rosemary, plus the bright red strawberry patch.
[I still need to bring in and dry the rosemary, which won't winter over.]
I also transplanted some irises to each far left corner.

The rest of the flowerpots need to be cleaned out and stored in the shed.

The wind really did a number on my flowering almond back here.
All those pretty yellow leaves are now a yellow carpet in the back flowerbed.

This bed is probably the most protected from wind--it looks about the same as it did last month.

This ninebark looks kind of comical, with just a few tufts of leaves left on the very ends of the branches.

My elderberry is showing some color!
I don't remember it turning orange last year.
I like it!

The snowball bush in all its fall glory--with echinacea seedheads adding a little drama behind it.

Front porch bed.

My 'William Shakespeare' English rose is still hanging on, despite all the rain.

Seasonally appropriate colors: brown peonies and black echinacea.

We had some fun carving pumpkins on Saturday.

Happy Halloween!
[Trick-or-treating tonight is going to be wet and cold. Yay. I guess.]

I am craving sunshine! If you've got some, send it my way!

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  1. Sun here today, but not warm! Good to see a different garden and what is happening at this time of year in other parts of the world

    1. Oh, that's one of my least favorite of Mother Nature's tricks! When it's sunny, it ought to be warm!!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I hate going out when it is too chilly, too! I love when the leaves turn color, so pretty!

    1. I've asked for a raincoat for Christmas--maybe that will make me more intrepid in this type of weather! :)