December 21, 2016

Cutting Garden Awards

It's time once again to look back at the growing season and figure out the best, the worst, what I would change and how I got lucky.
In other words, it's time to hand out some awards!

Most Prolific:

For the flowers that exceeded my every expectation: popping up in every part of the garden, and blooming like crazy. Thanks to the cosmos, I never had to worry if I would have enough blooms for a bouquet. There were always more than enough, with even more waiting in the wings.
Way to go, cosmos! You earned this.

The Royal Imposter Award:
Blooming Carrot

(that I first thought was Queen Anne's lace)
They are related and look a lot alike, but this one was still attached to the carrot.
Ha! Gotcha!

Barely There Award:
Bachelor's Buttons

If you parted the sea of cosmos and got down on your hands and knees, you might find a bachelor button...or two. If you looked in just the right spot.

Empty Vase Award:
California Poppies

These little poppies were so pretty, but somehow, I never cut them to put in a vase.
They were all that was blooming in the cutting garden at the time and I was enjoying the splash of color every time I looked up there. Also, their stems were very short!

No-Show Award
Here's looking at you, bunny tails grass, scarlet flax, and cut flower seed mix!
(Probably others I've forgotten about, too. I kept trying to fill in the empty spots, to no avail.)

That about wraps it up for the official cutting garden.
Of course, we cut flowers from the perennial beds, too, but they don't get special recognition.
Not a spectacular year (except for the cosmos), but a good learning experience. :)

What I've Learned for Next Year
I'm finding--once again--that I need an abundance of blooms to overcome my reluctance to cut them from the garden. When I know they'll last maybe 4 or 5 days inside, but possibly weeks outside, it's hard to mentally justify making the snip if there are just a few.
So, next year I plan to plant fewer varieties, but a greater quantity of each one.

Also, must not stop thinning those cosmos!!

* * * * *
Have you been successful growing a cutting garden?
Any tips for me?


  1. Love your spin on 'what worked and what didn't' in your garden, Linnae. I must write a similar posting for my cottage garden. I believe fewer varieties with a greater amount of each is a good plan. Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 in your beautiful garden! Pam x

    1. Thank you Pam! It's always a learning experience, isn't it? :)