November 30, 2017

End of November: Waiting for Winter

Welcome to my blog! 
I garden in Northern Utah, tucked away in a beautiful little valley, zone 5a.

This time around for End of Month Views, I decided to take the long views.
Usually I favor closeups, so this will be interesting.

From the back fence line, looking toward the house:

This patch right in front is gravel, which we want to turn into a fire pit area.
(We already have the fire pit, just need to get it moved.)

Same corner, looking more towards the east.
Shadows in the ditch.

Moving up closer to the house:

Our wood pile.
My husband and oldest son spent some time the other day chopping wood, and this is the result.
We had several pieces of wood in the scrap pile suitable for chopping.
The round bowl in the background is the aforementioned fire pit.
It may take a tractor to move it--it's solid iron and heavy as all get out.

Waiting for a shed to be delivered:

All summer long our back deck has doubled as a "garden shed."
My husband was going to build one, but with winter coming on quickly, and his time at home already stretched thin, we decided to purchase one this time.
It will be a good day when that shed is delivered, let me tell you.

Front view:

About the same as it's been.

Awkward angle on this picture, sorry.
We did get some rocks put down in the flowerbeds.
We found them just along the fence.
I think someone must have paid money for them, because all the rocks I dig up are rounded and smooth. This was the biggest one.
I am REALLY hoping we didn't plunk it down on top of some of the bulbs I planted. I don't think I put any right there in particular, but even though I tried to make notes, I can't remember.
Guess we'll see in the spring if this bed has a clump missing to match the others.
The other rocks are small enough to move around if I see green shoots poking up from the base.
This one was extra heavy, so it's probably staying put.

An early spring project, in the making:

Ever since the leaves have dropped off this lilac bush, I have been itching to prune it back.
Well, all summer, actually.
Now it's just easier to see what exactly I should be sawing off.
I will wait until early spring. 
Doesn't do a bit of good to do it now.
I know that, but I still want to grab the loppers and get started.
There's something very therapeutic about pruning, isn't there? 

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season in December!

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