November 15, 2016

November Bloom Day

Surprisingly enough, I do still have a few things blooming this month! We usually have had our first snowfall by this time, but so far all it's been doing outside this year is raining.

By the way, if you're new here--welcome!
I garden in Eastern Washington state, USA, zone 5b.

So here are the few things still hanging on:

1. Salvia

 2. Pink geraniums by the  mailbox.
[These have been blooming for months now!]

3. Purple verbena, also by the mailbox.

4. 'Rose Glow' barberry

This one isn't blooming, but the foliage color echoes the guillardia blooms right above it beautifully.

5. Guillardia

These hardy flowers just keep going and going!

Not so many, but hey--for November, I'll take whatever I can get!
I'm linking up with Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Head over there to see what other gardeners around the world have blooming!

What's alive in your garden right now?


  1. It's nice to see that you still have some things blooming in your garden. It has been a relatively mild fall here as well.

    1. Thanks, Lee! If we get as much snow as we've had rain this fall, we'll be buried! (My kids would be thrilled.)

  2. We had a mild fall here in upstate New York, too. But we probably will get our first snow Sunday. Alana

    1. I'm expecting snow anytime now, too! Thanks for the visit!

  3. You have some hardy and quite lovely plants there. Blooms in November in zone 5b are to be treasured! Thanks for visiting my garden. I am happy to find your blog, as I, too, write about blooms and books. And birds. And sometimes other things...

    1. Welcome, Dorothy! I treasure these last few blooms of the year.