May 31, 2017

End of May

These are some of my last views of my Washington state, USA garden, as we are moving to Utah next week. It is bittersweet.
I'm soaking in every moment of the lovely view, but already a little sad about what I'll be missing.
That's what this blog is for, though!
I'll have pictures from last summer to look back on when I'm feeling sentimental.

Let's start out back this time.

Back slope/veg garden:

 The wild lupines and wild daisies are blooming--the prettiest time of year for this slope.

It looks like we'll the new owner will have a bumper crop of strawberries this year!

Thyme in bloom.

Back Flowerbed:

The end of May lull is in full effect.

We are not without hope of good things to come, however!

Peony buds--the flowers are white, but the buds have an intriguing blush of pink.

'Abraham Darby' buds.
If we were staying, I would be working on training this to a trellis this year.
As it is, I'm just hoping at least one of these buds will open up before we go next week!

Glorious geums in the shed bed.

Columbines and geranium in the shade bed.

Moving out front now.

Front terraced beds:

The bright pink tulips are fading now, thanks to a few really hot days, and irises and peonies are beginning to steal the show.

Cornflowers, laurel (shrub) and alliums.

Busy bumblebee!

This little potentilla has never been this loaded with blossoms!
I don't know what made the difference this year, but I am loving it!

Of course, the irises.
I was just hoping I would get to see them before we left.

Bright pink peonies to add a splash of color to the middle terrace.

Even though it is still small, this snowball bush has been loaded with blossoms every year since I planted it.

Faded tulips, columbine, lamb's ears.
One thing I like about these 'Mariette' lily-flowering tulips, is that they continue to look good even as they fade away.

Turning the corner to the East-side terraces:

(above and below) Various combinations of columbine and sorbaria.


One loaded lilac stem!
Not sure why this one stem got all the blossoms this year, but it is pretty!

What does your garden look like right now?

I am looking forward to getting to our new place.
Who knows? We may even get some vegetables planted, with a little help from family.
(Planting anything is very awkward at 8 1/2 months pregnant!)

Goodbye to all my flowers!

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