September 26, 2017

All Good Things Begin With Dirt

*****************Breaking News!***************
We had our first frost last night.
I guess it's a good thing we picked every last tomato yesterday and brought them inside to finish ripening! Now it's really time to get a move on with planting projects outside!
That was all.
As you were!

We went exploring a few weekends ago, and found a local farm that sells compost, topsoil, manure and so on. DIRT! I was glad to find it, especially since they were fairly close to our town and they also deliver. Fast forward to last Thursday.

Two quick phone calls and about an hour later, we had all the dirt our little hearts could desire...for now. Let's see, it was 6 yards of "aged manure" to spread over the vegetable garden, 3 yards of topsoil to fill up the new flowerbeds out front, and 2 yards of compost to put on the existing flowerbeds. That's a lot of dirt!

My 5-year-old insisted that dirt wasn't exciting.
He must not have caught the gardening bug yet!
On the other hand, I was very happy to see all that dirt!

You see, I have ordered quite a few shrubs and bulbs, and plan to buy some more in person.
It's helpful in such cases to have the place where you're going to plant things all ready to go when they arrive. Otherwise, you get plants languishing in their pots for a long time, or possibly dying (ask me how I know this) while you're still getting the flowerbed ready.

The driver was nice enough to dump some in the garden, then come back up front to dump the topsoil, then take the manure back to the garden.

I guess it's a good thing we haven't planted grass back there yet.
This wouldn't be happening if we had!
As it was, it was very convenient to have him just back right up to the garden.

So. Now we will get all this lovely dirt/compost/manure put where we want it, till 'er in, and as soon as those plants start coming, I can start putting them right where I want them.
You know you're a gardener if a great big truckload of dirt makes you happy!

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