September 11, 2017

Peaches & Nectarines

Peaches are probably my favorite home-canned fruit.
Applesauce comes pretty close, but most of the time, if I had to choose it would be peaches.
My in-laws live next to a fruit stand that has great prices on seconds (good fruit with some flaws.)
They not only brought up fruit for us, they stuck around to help can it!
This is the easiest canning I have ever done!

The first canning day was peaches and nectarines--about 2/3 box of each.
Peaches are scalded and peeled first, nectarines just put in with skins on.

Here's the crew!
My youngest was such a great helper both days!
Since he's in afternoon kindergarten, he was around for the projects.
They washed peaches, peeled them, cut them up, and filled jars.
I did the sugar syrup, sealing the jars, and the hot-water bath.

17 jars: 9 peaches, 8 nectarines
(One jar of nectarines broke in the canner. I hate it when that happens!)

Day 2: 4 boxes of peaches

Same helpers, this time twice the fruit.
We got 50 jars done! 

Let me just tell you--it is amazing canning with so much help!
This much fruit would have taken me all day by myself.
As it was, we were done by lunch time.
I could hardly believe it!

I am thrilled to have so many jars of peaches in my pantry.
This should see us through until next fall!

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