September 22, 2017

Applesauce, Tomato Sauce, & Carrots

I've gotten a few more things processed these past few weeks.

Started off with applesauce, though not much of it.

We had one box of Honey Crisp apples that were getting soft, so the kids and I got that done.
It yielded 4 quarts of a chunky yellow applesauce.
I usually mix the types of apples in applesauce, but this time I didn't.
It was pretty good on its own--all I did was add 1/2 C. real maple syrup to it--or maybe it was 3/4 C.
Anyway, a bit of maple syrup, and then into the jars. 
It was quite a bit of work for just those 4 jars!
I remembered why we generally do a whole bunch at a time--the work and cleanup aren't all that much different for a few jars vs. 30 or 40.
We'll enjoy them, anyway.
I think I counted 16 left from last year, so that puts us up to 20 jars.
Probably not enough to last us through the year, so I may be doing more later, if I can find some cheap fruit.

This week a generous neighbor brought over a box with a bunch of tomatoes and carrots in it.
So I made more of my Roasted Garden Tomato Sauce.
I ended up with 8 quart-sized freezer bags, each about half full.

We got the carrots processed, as well.
Sliced them up in the food processor (that's the most fun part--it took about 3 minutes to do all of these), blanched them for 2 minutes, cooled them in ice water, then put them in the bags to freeze.

I find it so satisfying to do this type of work.
As my 9-year-old has said--"This is FUN work!" (Love that boy!)

Are you getting anything put away for the winter? 
Do tell!


  1. Very nice! I wish my kids liked applesauce, as then I could make and can some as we live in apple country. (I know, what kid doesn't like applesauce?) I did just recently can some hot and spicy salsa, though. I have to make that every year for my husband. I'm going to have to make a batch of mild salsa next for company!

    1. I haven't made salsa for a couple of years now. I hope next year will be a salsa year!