September 30, 2017

End of September: Planting While I Can!

Welcome to my blog!
I garden in northern Utah, USA, zone 5b.
With our first hard frost of the year earlier this week, the growing season is definitely winding up.
The vegetable garden is done and I've got a tray full of green tomatoes ripening in my laundry room.

Thanks to my parents, we have several of these beauties on the porch, as well.

I have enjoyed living in a farming community since our move.
Our view out back has changed in the last week.

From this:
(Do you see two of my kiddos playing the grass?)

 To this:

(Note the snow on the mountains!)

To this:

It's odd having a clear view of the neighbor's houses back there again.

After several very chilly nights, we've had a little reprieve here towards the end of this week.
I have been using the sunshine to plant like crazy!

I've got the front rose bed starting on a new course.
Further details to come!
This is just the bare bones here, but it's a good start.

It's a good thing I got all the things planted in the rose bed, because I also have peony bushes and a couple hundred bulbs coming in the mail within the next month. Not to mention 10 raspberry starts to put in for the beginnings of our raspberry patch. I have a pretty clear idea of where I want everything to go, it's just a matter of finding the time--and keeping my baby warm and happy while I'm working outside.

My husband has been busy the past few days, too!
New flowerbeds out front. Hooray!
 Yes, I have big plans for these as well.
All in good time, my friends.
All in good time.

What projects have you gotten done this month?

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  1. Fantastic views from your garden. You are so luck.

    1. Thanks Steve! I continue to be amazed at how pretty it is here.