February 5, 2018

By the Dozens

Guess what? 
Our chickens have started laying eggs!
We are so excited!

Since we still aren't living in our home yet (due to the fire), we have been going over to check on the chickens every day, but usually not looking in the nest boxes. 
My husband has been the main one taking care of them, including refilling food and water, etc.

Well, a week ago Sunday he went over to check on them and just so happened to open up the coop.
There were 30 eggs in the one nest box!
They must have started laying the week before that some time.
Of course, we couldn't use any of those eggs, since we had no idea how long they had been there (darn!), but we got the coop all cleaned out, fixed up the nest boxes a little better to make them easier to clean, and we're off!

Since then we have gotten an even dozen some days, and 11 the past couple of days.
Once again, all the eggs have been in the same nest box.

As you can see, they are all brown, some lighter than others. Some of them have what looks like a coating of tiny white dots on them.
There were 2 in this set--the great big ones--that each had 2 yolks. Twin eggs!

Now we are learning all about eggs--to wash or not to wash? And so on.
I think we're going to run out of refrigerator space before we run out of eggs.
Maybe we'll sell some; I know we'll start giving them away.
So--anyone want to come visit? 
We'll have some farm fresh eggs to send home with you!


  1. That's exciting! We didn't wash ours until it was time to use them. I read somewhere that they not only stay fresher in the fridge that way, but they can also remain edible even at room temperature for a week or two because of the special natural oily coating on the egg which keeps it fresh until it is washed off. I can't remember the source of that i found, but it might be worth looking in to. Enjoy your eggs!

    1. Thanks Allison! We're getting a system figured out. As we run out of fridge space, we have been living 2-3 dozen unwashed on the counter, then washing them and refrigerating as space opens up. It's great to have so many eggs!

  2. I wonder how many times one of my comments on your blog is going to be "I wish we lived closer!" because I know this isn't the first, nor will it be the last. But man, I would love some fresh eggs (we go through a couple dozen a week in our house). They look amazing!

    1. I know! I would love it if we lived closer. It has been great to have fresh eggs! My kids love to gather them every day, so that has been fun too. Next time you're in Utah we should get together--or maybe all 3 of us (with Amy) could go to lunch or something. :)