February 3, 2018

Winter Sowing, Round 1

 This first round was a couple Thursdays back, on Jan. 25.
I gathered up my containers (4 milk jugs and a clear plastic candy tub) and slipped over to the house to do some planting, while my baby and husband were both taking a nap.

Got out my stuff: potting soil, a tub to mix it in, watering can, seeds
Also: utility knife, tape, sharpie.

Cut drainage holes into the bottoms of the containers.
Cut the jugs open, leaving a strip below the handle for a hinge.

 Got the dirt moistened well, then filled the containers with it.
Sprinkled seeds on top, then a light layer of soil on top of that.
Sprayed the top layer of soil with a spray bottle to get it good and wet, without washing away the seeds.

Taped the jugs shut, labeled the containers, and set them out into the garden.
Here we go!

Then I went home and ordered even more seeds.
I'll be doing more this week, once I gather up a few more milk jugs!

Here's what I did this time:

Bells of Ireland
Larkspur 'Summer Skies' mix
Bunny Tails grass (Lagarus ovatus)
Bachelor Buttons 'Choice' mix
Zinnias 'State Fair' mix

With most of them, I left some seeds in the package to start in the greenhouse here in a couple of months. 

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