March 10, 2020

Spring Fever

Since Saturday, we have had our first true spring weather around here. In fact, up until last weekend, I still had several inches of snow outside covering every flat surface. Guess what? It has melted off in 4 days!! I am thrilled! Even with more on the horizon. I laugh in your face, March snow! HA!

(Now please don’t hit me with a blizzard. Pretty please.)


Hyacinths are the scent of spring.

If this keeps up, my soil will be dry enough to plant this week! That will be a first since we’ve lived here. In fact, I planned all my seed-starting calendars based on the first week of April as the earliest planting date, because last year we had snow on the ground or wetness from the sky until then. I really want to get my first round of early spring flowers in ASAP: ammi, bachelor’s buttons, dill, daucus, buplureum, poppies, atriplex…. probably more that I’m not remembering at the moment. If I could get them in THIS week, just think—I could have flowers by May! That would be amazing!

I’ve also cranked up the seed starting machine. So far I’ve gotten decent germination on forget-me-nots, great germination on the petunias, okay for pansies. These are all flowers I’m planning to grow up big in time for Mother’s Day. 2 months away now.

I feel like a seed-starting elf over here—making a list, checking it twice!

It just feels so good to get out in some sunshine without even a jacket on! My kids are all wearing shorts. I had to make them go back and put on shoes this afternoon—okay kiddos, 50 degrees is not THAT warm! I’m feeling it, though. The fever gets in your blood and you just have to be outside! They had their first picnic lunch this week. It was awesome.

I can hardly wait for my Spring CSA to start up! Alas, I have 6 weeks to wait. Again, last year—no flowers until very end of April—so I wanted to be sure I would have something to put in these bouquets! Do you know what CSA even means? Let me tell you. It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The idea behind it is that you lovely people purchase a subscription in the winter or early spring months, when farms are experiencing a slower time for revenue. Your purchase allows us to buy what we need to grow all the pretty things—seeds, irrigation equipment, weed barrier—all of that. Then when we begin harvesting, you get a share of our harvest. Yay!

I’m so tickled to share flowers! So this makes me excited. Here are the details for my Spring CSA Subscription:

1—Starts April 24, runs for 6 weeks until May 29.

2—Every FRIDAY I will drop off a paper-wrapped bouquet for you. It will be a mixed bouquet of whatever I have growing that week.

3—Delivered to your door…or the door of a friend if you’ve purchased it as a gift for someone else. :)

4—No vases. I’m not charging you for them, either. As I mentioned, these will be wrapped in paper. What I ask you to do, so your gorgeous flowers don’t die, is put a clean bucket or vase filled with water on your porch Friday morning for me to drop the flowers into.

Just think about it: 6 weeks of daffodils. 6 weeks of tulips. 6 weeks of alliums, and bachelor’s buttons, and grape hyacinths, and so many pretty flowers! It’s going to be so beautiful!!

In the meantime, get off your computers and get outside!! That’s what I plan to do, anyway.