Welcome friends!
I have been hooked on books ever since I learned how to read--as my parents would attest. I guess I came by it naturally, as my dad was a librarian.  I eventually followed in his footsteps, earning a Master's Degree in Library Science. I worked for 3 years as a children's librarian in Kansas City, which is where I met my husband. 
I am always reading something, and feel at a loss if I am between books. I particularly enjoy fantasy, Young Adult and middle grade fiction, memoirs & biographies, historical fiction, and narrative nonfiction. 
I didn't get to do too much gardening growing up, as most of that time was spent in rural Alaska. My interest in gardening was kindled when we bought our first little (800 sq. feet!) home, and I attempted to beautify our flowerbeds, and grow some vegetables. Since then, every place we have lived I have continued to learn how to keep plants alive. It is an ongoing lesson, and the challenge is part of what keeps me coming back to gardening. That, and those gorgeous flowers!
Home-grown raspberries and strawberries, juicy and warm from the sun, fresh peas, and homemade tomato sauce have a lot to do with it as well.
Now, nearly 12 years later, we are the parents of 3 great kids.
I get to stay home with them and love that time, even with the inevitable hard days and challenges.
I love receiving book suggestions, and am open to any and all gardening tips.
I hope you feel at home here, and stop to chat awhile!

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