May 11, 2016

But No Elephants, by Jerry Smath

But No Elephants, by Jerry Smath

Grandma Tildy lives alone and works hard. Then the pet man comes around, selling animals. She buys a canary and is very pleased when the canary helps by singing to her as she cooks.

Before long, all sorts of animals have found their way into her life, but she always says "But no elephants!" Until one day, she lets one in.

* * * * * *

Let's hear it for a sentimental favorite! The only place I remember reading this book as a child was at the dentist office. I read it every time we went there, and looked forward to the trips simply because of this book! I was excited when I found it on Amazon a few months ago. Then guess what showed up on Mother's Day? My husband knows me well! :)

Happily, this one book from childhood that stood up to my memory of it. As a parent, I appreciate how the animals each figure out a way to contribute to the family--even the elephant, eventually. The illustrations are full of humorous details. The story begs to be read more than once.

Even better, my kids like it, too. We have already read it several times since Sunday!

What are some of your childhood favorites? Any from the dental office of your youth? :)


  1. Oh my goodness! We had this book when I was a kid, and I loved it. I have looked for it at the library, but sadly, they don't have it.

    1. That's great! Amazon had the paperback version for $6.99. :)