May 16, 2016

May Bloom Day

Hello and welcome to my garden!
I am in Eastern Washington state, USA, zone 5b.

We have had some spring rain this weekend and everything has been looking refreshed and vibrant. 

We'll start out front.

This little snowball bush is just loaded, as usual.
My kids love to pick the blooms and make it snow in the grass!

On the middle terrace:

After days of anticipation, this peony finally bloomed!

These poor columbine are about getting taken over by the lamb's ears.
The tulips in the background have faded from hot pink to very pretty pale pink and rose.

'Rose Queen' salvia
This little pink salvia has spread all through my flowerbeds out front.
I don't mind, mostly. It's easy to pull up where it's not wanted.

Columbine, sorbaria, nepeta (catmint)

I showed my kiddos how to suck out the nectar from the columbine spurs--maybe I shouldn't have done it. It has become the new favorite outside snack.
Good thing this is good-sized clump!
There's lettuce and spinach to eat in the garden, so I'm pushing them that direction now.
I would like to have at least a few of the flowers left to look at!

Down to the bottom terrace (everything is terraces around here!):

Cheerful buttercup-yellow blooms on the potentilla.

I'm glad the alliums are long-lasting.
The irises just started blooming over the weekend.

On the East-side terrace:


Thyme in bloom up in the vegetable garden.
Yes, that thistle should be weeded out.
That's where I'm headed after it stops raining!

wild lupines up on the back slope

Back flowerbed:
My 'Abraham Darby' rose.
I am enjoying this rose so much!

 All their heads are droopy with the rain, but there are roses, peonies, and penstemon here.

Happy Bloom Day friends!

I'm linking up with Carol over at May Dreams Gardens. Head over there to see what else is blooming around the world!


  1. Everything looks so pretty! We were at Aub's yesterday and I got to take a glance at your terraces. It all looks so lovely as one big whole garden too.

    1. Thanks, Allison! I have sure been enjoying it this spring! I'm happy your red valerian is blooming. Hooray!

  2. Oh, and I finally ordered my red valerian (centranthus ruber coccineus)! I planted it last year, but this is the first year it's blooming. I'm loving it so far and am excited for it to spread out a little more.