May 26, 2016

Tomatoes Before Potatoes?!

This has been a very different sort of spring.
For starters, we haven't had a frost in at least a month.
Our last frost date is generally around May 21 or later, so I usually wait until after Memorial Day to plant tomatoes, just to be on the safe side.
On the other hand, I plant potatoes by the end of April.
This year it's all topsy-turvy!

I bought the tomato plants a couple of weeks ago, and knew they needed to get in the ground soon to survive. So the very next day, I got some compost tilled in to that spot, and got them in the ground.
 (Yes, I was proud of me too!)

Let's see...that would have been May 14.

I put in 4 'Cougar Reds' + 4 'Sun Sugars.'
That's going to be a whole lot of cherry tomatoes, but maybe I can roast them for sauce, or something...?

I also planted these marigolds ('Inca II Gold' and 'Bolero' mix) at the same time, along with 4 Italian basil plants, and 4 'Profusion Double Deep Salmon' zinnias.

Meanwhile, my potatoes had been sitting on my kitchen windowsill for 3 weeks now.
I just got them in yesterday.
10 hills, up on the very tippy-top terrace, next to the strawberries.

Now all I have left to put in are squash and cucumbers.
Possibly a few more flowers, as well. :)
I bought some morning glory to grow up the bamboo tepee on top.

I do plan to grow beans this year, but I usually wait until one of my spring crops is done, then plant the beans in that space. They grow so fast that you can still get plenty to harvest.

How are things going in your vegetable gardens?

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