May 6, 2016

One More Ninebark

Last year my 'Yellow Topaz' rose in this back flowerbed died off.
It got some kind of disease.

This picture is from fall of last year.
It's the dead brown you see here.
Finally this spring, as I tried to pull the remaining canes upright, they snapped off at the base.
Guess that was the end of that rose.

Since it was disease-related (though I never did find out what caused it), I knew I couldn't put another rose in here, but I definitely wanted another shrub to anchor this end of the bed.

Meet 'Dart's Gold' Ninebark!
(Physocarpus opufolius 'Dart's Gold')

I have 3 of the purple-leaved ninebarks on my east-side terrace.
This one is very pretty with the lighter green/gold foliage.
According to the tag, the leaves turn lime green in the summer and gold with a bronze hue in the fall.

It will stay on the smaller side: 5' tall x 40" wide.
Best color in full sun, which this bed gets. Perfect!

Long live the ninebark!

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