April 15, 2017

April Bloom Day

Happy Bloom Day, friends!
For those who hadn't heard, my family is moving in about 6 weeks, so this will be my 2nd-to-last Bloom Day post from Eastern Washington state.
I am glad for the chance to look around my flowerbeds and take note of what's happening!

Compared to last year, we are at least 2 weeks behind.
Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that last year we were 2-3 weeks ahead!
No trees blooming yet, or tulips, or the bleeding heart--though all 3 are close.

So far most of what I've got is daffodils and hyacinths.
Not that I'm complaining!

These are in the back flowerbed:

Taking these pictures made me realize how badly I needed to get out there and finish my spring cleanup in this flowerbed! Nothing like photo evidence of my garden neglect for motivation. Ha!
So I'm happy to report that the dead sedum stalks from last year have all been removed now, as have the tall, ugly, dead lily stalks.
I even dug up several thistles, dandelions, and stands of crab grass while I was at it.
(We'll see how long that lasts...)

Yay daffodils!

Moving up to the terraced beds in front:

Purple and yellow primroses tucked under the shrubs for a little color.

Several clumps of these 'Festival Pink' hyacinths perfuming the air.

And of course, the grape hyacinths are popping right up.

We finally got some sunshine today, too, which is always a bonus!
We have one more warm day tomorrow in the forecast, then it's back to rain.

Maybe someday it will dry out enough to till the vegetable garden.
Won't be this week, though.
I was going to plant some spring veggies--sort of as a selling point for the house--but if the rain keeps up much longer it may not happen.
At least my flowers will look pretty!

For other gardens and blossoms from around the world, head over to Carol's blog at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Hi Linnae, there seem to be lots of gardens in North America that are late this year. Whereas in England we seem to be a couple of weeks ahead and are well into tulip season.

    1. Hi Steve! I think last year was unusually warm here, so it just feels like we're behind now. I am looking forward to tulips very soon!!

  2. Oh i love the purples and yellows and of course the blue grape hyacinths. I just content myself with posts as these are not growing in my climate type.

    1. I know what you mean. During our winter months I do the same for those in warmer climates! Thanks for the visit!