April 19, 2017

Not My Problem

As our move gets closer, I've noticed a slow-but-sure onset of the "Not My Problem" disease.
I think it's a combination of the upcoming move, everything we still have going on here, and 3rd trimester pregnancy.
Or perhaps it's just a way of mentally letting go, so it's not so hard to leave.
Yeah, that sounds good. I'll go with that explanation!

I first noticed it the other day, when I was weeding thistles and crab grass out of the back flowerbed,
The thought crossed my mind that this could very well be the last time I weeded this bed.
Perhaps not. We still have about 6 weeks to go, after all, but with everything else going on there's a fairly good chance I won't get back out there. 
The thought that followed immediately after that?
"Oh well. Not my problem anymore." 

[That dandelion right in front is gone for now, but if it grows back? Say it with me, now...]

I feel a curious mix of relief tinged with guilt when I even think that, but the thought keeps cropping up--like a weed, in fact.
You know, I never did get that salvia moved that's too close to the sorbaria. 
Not my problem. 
Still too wet to till the garden or plant spring veggies?
[Shrug.] Not my problem.

I feel like it should be an acronym: NMP--though maybe that's going a bit too far.

So far, it has mostly been in regards to gardening, though I have noticed it creeping in to other areas of life as well. The school's Family Picnic needs a committee chair?
Hmm... looks like it will be in June: NMP.

Not that I'm expecting easy street once we move.
I am certain weeds grow just as well in Utah as they do here!
For the next 6 weeks, though, I think the ones around here are going to get a pass--unless they're too huge and hideous to be ignored. 
Everything else on the perpetual [outdoor] chore list?
I'll get to it if I get to it.
N. M. P.
 Right or wrong, that's how it's going to be.
Might as well face up to it now.

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