April 26, 2017

Flowers on Temple Square

I wanted to post these before I forgot.

When we were in Utah house hunting at the beginning of April, we took our kids over to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, and met up with my parents for a few minutes.

The flowers and landscaping there are always stunning, but never more so than in the spring.

This color scheme filled up my soul.
The combination of the deeper hues of pink and purple, with the pastel purples and yellows for contrast. I had to take some pictures so maybe I can replicate it someday.

Man alive, it was all so beautiful!
I could have taken 100 pictures...except it was quite chilly, and also, we were there to visit not take pictures. :) (By the way, I did pictures of family, too!)

If you have never had the chance to tour Temple Square, it's worth your time!

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