April 20, 2016

Paring Down my "To-Read" List

I happened to notice last week that my "To-Read" list on Goodreads was nearing 300 books. It was 287, to be precise. That is way too many! Maybe half of the books I read come from my "To Read" list, but even assuming I did nothing but choose books from there, it would take me more than 2 years to read them all. That's not taking into account the fact that I frequently add to the list!

I know, I know. It's not like there's a limit on the number you can have on the list, or anything. At least, Goodreads does not limit that, but I decided that I needed to get it back down to something reasonable--say 100 books. For my own sake. I would at times get overwhelmed looking at the list, feeling like it was an unmet obligation.

I love having the list, because I can always find what to read next, but when I can see that several of the books have been on the list for 2-3 years, it also tells me that they're not a very big priority for me right now--and haven't been for awhile. I'm not going to force myself to read something just because it's on the list.

So, I started deleting things left and right. It was a time-consuming process! While adding something to the list takes one simple click, deciding to delete it took some time. I wanted to read the synopsis--and any reviews by friends--to decide if I would really read this, or not. I checked to see if my library had it. If not, I would check Amazon to see how much it cost to buy.

After several passes through, and much deliberation, I got it down to 194, and I can't see how I could possibly cut out 100 more. Hey, I'm breathing a little easier, at least.

Curiously, the books I owned were some of the first to go. I guess I figure if I have the book I can read it any time I want--it's not like I'm going to forget about it. The pressure's off, in a strange sense.

Okay, my Goodreads friends--confess! How many books are on your "to-read" list? Do you have rules for what gets deleted (or for what goes on in the first place?) Or are you like me, and click in haste only to read in leisure?


  1. Ha, I've been thinking lately that I really need to clean up my to-read list (362, it's out of hand). But yeah, that will be a project for the summer, after school's over. It will take some careful consideration.

    1. It was harder than I thought it would be, truthfully!

  2. I've just started up on Goodreads, but I have a list on my phone that is getting ridiculous. I started counting, but then lost my place when I scrolled down and didn't want to start counting again. I was nearing 100 and there were many more to go. Crazy.

    1. I know--they add up fast!
      Hey--we should be Goodreads friends! I'm just listed under my name: Linnae Harper. I would like to see what you're reading, too! :)