July 15, 2016

July Bloom Day

Time for another Bloom Day already?
This summer is really flying by!

I garden in Eastern Washington state, USA, zone 5b.

Of course, I've got to start with the weather.
We've actually had a very pleasant summer so far.
Last year was so very hot by this time that it was miserable!
It seems like this summer we'll have a week or so of warm weather--in the 80's F, then we get cooler again for a week. We've even had some rain this month, which is a bit unusual.
It has made for some wonderful play time outside (both in the garden and out of it!)

Let's get to the all the beautiful flowers, shall we?

Flowerpots in front are dominated by the petunias.
They're more of an upright form than I expected, but I'm really enjoying the blooms.

My front porch bed is pretty quiet at the moment. 
I've got this oakleaf hydrangea blooming and the heuchera there to the right of it.
That's about it!

Moving down to the front terraced beds:

First, a bit of an overview.

A little different angle than usual--this was taken from the far side of the driveway.

Right-hand side.

Left-hand side.

Now let's focus in a bit more.

Gypsophila 'Summer Sparkles' seems to like its new home behind the peonies.

A bright little patch by the mailbox.

The bellflowers have really taken off this year!

Can you tell I really love purple? :)
The darker and lighter purples here, salvia (front) and bellflowers (behind), are just so pretty.

Another purplicious combination: volunteer bachelor buttons and bellflowers.

Moving on around to the middle of the terraced beds:

I love those little drumstick alliums mixing in the back of the echinacea patch there.

Echoes of pink and purple through here as well, with salvia, echinacea, drumstick alliums, and phlox.

If you feel like you've seen this view before, you're probably right!
The guillardia just keep blooming and blooming!

Same place as the previous photo, just facing the other way.
I wanted you to see my cosmos blooming.
I transplanted them from the volunteers in the garden and basically forgot about them.
I wouldn't mind if they reseeded here! 

Moving around to the east-side terrace:

I cannot believe how huge these daisies have gotten!
[Allison--these are all from the clump you gave me!]
I transplanted them last fall, 2-3 clumps between each lilac bush. They were all of about 6 inches around at the base when I transplanted them. They have just exploded with growth!
They are 3x bigger than my lilac bushes!
(Notice how you can't even see the lilac bushes?)
I guess I finally found something that thrives in the mostly clay soil!

Up amongst the vegetables and cutting garden, my daughter has sweet peas blooming in her little patch.

My purple poppies bloomed!
Hmm...I'm seeing a theme here!
Yes, I can't get enough purple--especially that velvety rich shade.

Everywhere you look, the cosmos are blooming as well.

Time to start making bouquets!

This little clump of marigolds on the end is so bright and cheerful.
There's not much that will grow right there, but they are doing great!

Tomatoes coming!

A few brave zinnias peeking out amongst the onions.

Plus, one volunteer petunia amongst the carrots.
Love it!

Almost done!

The shed bed is looking particularly cheery right now as well.
'Cheyenne Spirit' coneflowers are thriving here.

Yarrow and coreopsis provided more color and contrast.

Finally, to the back flowerbed:

These 'White Heaven' lilies are taking center stage at the moment.
The rose is resting and the sedum have buds but no flowers yet.

Flowers on the back deck.

Thanks for visiting my garden today!
I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Stop by Carol's place at May Dreams Gardens for more lovely flowers!


  1. You have a vibrant July garden Linnae. I can see why you are loving your garden right now. Purple is a favourite in my garden too. I am always drawn to purple blooms too.

  2. What great hard landscaping to set off your pretty plantings.
    In my mind's eye I see your name plus the ending [ .us ] which makes for a good garden website combination :-)

    1. Thank you Joanna! Those walls took a long time to build. Good thing we have patient neighbors!

  3. Everything looks so pretty! I love all of the different shades of purple you've got going on there. Those daisies spread so fast, don't they? Everytime I transplant some, I'm shocked by how much they bush out in one year.

    1. The daisies are taller than my lilac bushes! I didn't expect that, but I really like it! Thanks again for the pass-along. :)