July 25, 2017

Rocking It

Every garden has its unique issues.
In Washington, one big issue we had was aspen roots.
We had a good-sized aspen tree growing to the side of the garden and it seemed we were constantly pulling out tree roots and saplings.
Well, this garden does not have aspen roots, but it does have ROCKS.

Big potato-sized rocks, small marble-sized rocks, and every size in between.
I've started picking them out as I go.
I've even designated a special "rock bucket" for collecting them while I'm gardening.

Not that I will ever get them all, but apparently I have a soft spot for lost causes when it comes to gardening. [See also: Thistles, Morning Glory]
I throw back any that are smaller than about 2 inches.
I'm sure, given enough time, they will grow into big healthy rocks worthy of the bucket.

Why are there so many rocks?!
I talked to a neighbor who said that this area used to be part of the riverbed.
Oh, I see. So the rocks aren't going away any time soon.
Nor are they a misguided landscaping project in the garden plot.
No no, these go deep down.
As in, the deeper you till, the more rocks come up.
Speaking of which, for the first time ever, we had a rock jam up the tiller.
No worries; it came out with a bit of pounding at an awkward angle between the blades.

I suppose there are some benefits to growing rocks.
For one, you get to practice your aim tossing rocks into the bucket.

Also, before long we will have a lovely rock border all the way around the garden area.
See Exhibit A, above: the start of the rock border--didn't take long to get this far!

Hey, at least it's not hard clay soil, right? Good drainage and all that.
Wait, I know! Summer job for the kids: $5 for every 5-gallon bucket of rocks you pick out of the garden! (Except that I might go broke paying up. A quarter for every 100 rocks? Hmm...good luck.)

As much as I don't love the rocks,  I'll take rocks over aspen roots any day!


  1. Cute post! There are many uses for the rocks you are finding. Perhaps you can create a new dry stream bed for your garden!

    1. There's an idea! They've got to be good for something. :)