August 31, 2016

End of August: Winding Down

  Hello! If you're new here, I garden in Eastern Washington, USA, zone 5b.

After a month of heat, we've been cooling down lately.
We're probably still at least a month from frost, but nights are getting back down in the low 50's/high 40's F.

My gardens are in a lull right now--except for the vegetable garden.

Let's start out front this time:

Terraced beds, right side.

Terraced beds, left side.

'William Shakespeare' rose is providing a welcome spot of color out front.

Right here by the driveway, the purple salvia are blooming for a second time, and the pink mums on the end are putting on a show.

Moving around to the East-side terrace:

You can see my neighbor's pumpkin patch there on the left--it's doing great! :)
Up in my terrace, daisies are done.

On the end of this terrace, the butterfly bushes have never looked better!
(Yes, they were just planted in the spring, but still...)

I think they may be getting watered when my neighbors water their pumpkins.
Gotta love that!
Especially since I have been neglecting them rather shamefully since mid-summer.

Beautiful purple blooms.
On non-windy days, these are usually covered with butterflies and bees.

 Heading to the back, now, we come to the vegetable garden: 

The right-hand side looks pretty empty these days.
The potatoes planted in the upper right terrace have all died back. I'm going to give them another few weeks before harvesting them.

The middle right terrace is where my kids' garden plots are, and they are also about done.

My daughter's garden.
A few flowers, and a row of carrots are about all that are left here.

My sons' plots.
Both have a few carrots still growing, but that's about it.

Top vegetable terrace.
We're still getting cucumbers!

Bottom vegetable terrace, from above.
As you can see, the cosmos are doing great!
Tomatoes are also ripening up daily.

I am loving these sunset-colored snapdragons on the bottom vegetable terrace.
I can't remember if I planted them or if they're volunteers from last year.
Either way, they're pretty!
That's my oregano patch in flower behind them.

Shed bed.

Shed bed, a different angle so you can see the flowers.
Still going!

Here's my back flowerbed.
Sedums almost ready to bloom, but other than that pretty dull.

I need to see what you've got blooming now so I can take some notes!
My flowerbeds look great in spring and early summer, but by this point they're pretty much dormant.

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