August 3, 2016

The Most Pleasant Place

The shed porch swing, in all its dappled glory.

Little did we know last summer, when we put up this swinging bench, the enjoyment it would add to the backyard. The positioning couldn't have been better. The shed itself blocks any strong wind, and while it gets a touch of morning sun--as you can see--by mid-afternoon it is always in the shade.
We do have seating on the deck, but for a good part of the day it is in the blazing hot sunshine.

From this swing, you've got a perfect view of the birdfeeders, you can look over to the vegetable garden, or to the back flowerbed, or just watch what's happening in the yard.
It is consistently the most pleasant place to be in our entire yard.
A place where you just want to hang out for awhile, enjoying the cool breezes.

Before we put this swing up, it would be awkward trying to find a place to sit, mid-day.
You could pull a chair out, or sit on the wall or something, but there was never really a comfortable, handy solution. That has all changed now!

So what have I learned from this?
(Nothing overly profound.)
Figure out the prime location for enjoyment of your yard and add some seating there.
You'll be glad you did every single day.


  1. So nice! I love a good porch swing. Sounds like a lovely spot.

    1. It has been well-used ever since we put it up!