August 22, 2016

Garden Harvest, past 2 weeks

The best thing about August is all the vegetables that start pumping out the produce!

So far, we've just been eating the tomatoes fresh or on sandwiches.
The squash has been a side dish a couple of times now.

Yes, those are blackberries in the bowl at the top.
We have a wild blackberry vine at the very tippy-top of our slope.
We have talked a little bit about how skinny is too skinny to pick cucumbers. :)

I'm excited for all these cucumbers and beans!
I dropped the ball on the beans and didn't get any planted in the empty spaces this year, so we probably will just get enough to eat fresh. That's okay. We'll enjoy them while we have them!

Good thing we really like cucumbers!
We've been eating 1-2 per day. It's awesome.

 * * * * *
What are you harvesting from your garden lately?

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