August 18, 2016

Pineapple Sage Jelly

I planted pineapple sage this summer, more just for fun than anything.
The leaves smell and taste like pineapple!

I imagined delicious pineapple-sage lemonade and ...that's about it.

Well, it is doing fantastically well, up here on my top vegetable terrace.
I've got so much of it, unexpectedly, and realized that I have never actually cooked with it.
Or even know what to use it in.

So I started doing a little Google research.
I found some intriguing recipes for things like:

Plus, many people recommended using it for cooking with chicken and pork.
I considered just drying it, but several sources said that it loses its pineapple flavor when dried.

Then I found Lemon Verbena Lady's recipe for Pineapple Sage Jelly.
It sounded quite intriguing.
So I decided to do some adventure cooking!

Preparing the herbs: chopping them up after washing them.
Partly, this picture is to celebrate the first time using my stick blender's little food processor attachment. Yay!

Here's what I got out of it: 4 half-pints (+ a little extra)

We tried it out the other day.
We put it over cream cheese and had it with crackers.
It was delicious!

Lemon Verbena Lady suggests using it as a glaze, as well.
I think it would be really good as a glaze for baked ham.

I was surprised at how many stems it took to come up with 1 1/2 cups packed leaves, but there's still quite a bit up there. I just need to remember I have it, so I can start experimenting with it some more.

Have you done any adventure cooking lately?

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