August 2, 2016

Series Spotlight: Barnyard Rescue, by John Himmelman

We happened to run across these at the library several months ago. They are hilarious! We check them out again every so often, just for a laugh. In fact, I should probably just buy them.

Each has a very simple format--one page describes a problem, then the next page is "[Animals] to the rescue!" The sentences are fairly short and straightforward. In fact, my beginning reader can read them to her little brother. The pictures make the books. They are full of funny details and lively action.

Chickens to the Rescue!

"On Monday, Farmer Greenstalk dropped his watch down the well."
"Chickens to the rescue!"
"'Those are some chickens,' said Farmer Greenstalk."

Each day of the week brings more folks on the farm in need of help, but don't worry! The chickens are on the job! Until the day they aren't...

* * * * * * *

You can't stop now!  Find the pig book. It's good too!

Pigs to the Rescue!

Farmer Greenstalk and his family are having trouble again. This time it's the pigs who will save the day!....sort of. Actually, maybe it would be best if the pigs didn't find out about the problems, after all.

* * * * * *

Yes! There are still 2 more books!

Cows to the Rescue!

It's the day of the county fair, and at 7:00am the trouble is already starting--because the truck won't start. With a "Smartest Pig Contest," funny pictures, and even a 3-legged race, this could be the best day ever! Except nothing seems to go right. Good thing the cows are on the ball! If nothing else, the day will be memorable!

* * * * * *

Oh boy. Looks like the duck is next!

Duck to the Rescue!

Of course you knew Ernie needed his own book! His rescue attempts are noble and good-intentioned, if not precisely helpful.

* * * * * *

Hmmm... I see a sheep hanging around these pages. Could there be a sheep book in the works?
We can only hope!

Have you read these? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Love these books!!! No idea which is my favorite though.

  2. Love these books!!! No idea which is my favorite though.

    1. I know! I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite as well.