August 30, 2016

This Week's Harvest

We've gotten all kinds of veggies from the garden this past week!

I've been harvesting carrots as I need them this year, instead of pulling them all up at once and processing them, like I have in other years.

Garden carrots are the best! They are so sweet.

Pretty much everything from the garden is so much better tasting than store-bought.
It's amazing.

This was quite the haul of cucumbers!
[Sorry about the shadowy picture.]

We've been eating 2-3 per day.
I think if I ever want to can pickles I'll have to plant 2 or 3x the number of cucumbers, because we love eating them fresh!

Check out the huge carrot on the left!
My youngest decided that was the daddy carrot.
He peeled them for me, and arranged them all by height order. :)

I'm excited for all these tomatoes!
We have been putting them on pizza, chopping them up for tacos, and just eating them fresh with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Yum.

I may have enough now to make a batch of my favorite Roasted Garden Tomato Sauce, from Our Best Bites. I will probably add some squash to the sauce, too. It's the only vegetable I've been struggling to use and keep up with! This recipe has great flavor, and you don't have to skin the tomatoes! Also, it's a smaller batch, so you can do one cookie sheet at a time, as the tomatoes get ripe.
(Canned tomato sauce takes 40 lbs of tomatoes to make 14 pints of sauce, or something crazy like that. I have never made home-canned tomato sauce for that very reason.)

What have you harvested lately?  

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