January 16, 2017

January Bloom Day: Worth Every Penny

A cheap grocery store bouquet.
The brightest I could find.
To remind me what flowers look like
And also the sun.

I think I will buy another next week.
Six dollars doesn't seem like much
For a glimpse of summer
When all the world is white.

I'm linking up with Carol at May Dreams Gardens today.
Head over there for some outside blooms--southern gardeners, don't fail us now!


  1. Awesome...spring in the winter. I started purchasing flowers from Kroger markdown a couple weeks ago cause I figure I could treat myself to pretty flowers in the winter to enjoy them. No snow here in Nashville but I wished the weather would stop going up and down so maybe we would have a chance at some.

    1. That was my reasoning, too! I don't think about buying flowers as much when I have them blooming in my own garden. :)