January 19, 2017

Reading Goals for 2017

Shiny and new! Hot off the presses!

This year I've got 4 goals instead of 3. I know, going wild over here!

When I make these goals I have to leave myself time for other books too. At least half of what I read comes from browsing the shelves at my library (and increasingly, the deals on Kindle), and bringing home a stack of things that look good. Ninety percent of the time, those books aren't on my "to-read" list or part of a reading goal. So, I don't want to get so locked into my goals that I feel guilty for simply reading other books I may come across.

On the other hand, it is fun to push myself to seek out books that I otherwise would not, or to read toward a certain purpose. So, we'll see how it goes with my 4 goals this year.

1. Read what I've got! Or in other words, review my bookshelf.

I was almost going to make this one my one and only goal, with the idea of writing a review for every book in our home library. That proved too overwhelming, though I may do it by sections at some point. However, there are several books on my shelves (both paper and virtual) that I haven't read yet! Whether they were gifts, thrift store finds, or great deals, they have landed on my shelves and sat there.

For some reason, once I own a book, the urgency to read it usually tends to subside. Part of that is because I get so many from the library. After all, I should read the ones that have to be back in 3 weeks first, right? There's no pressure on the home library books. The only problem with that mentality is that these others continually get pushed to the bottom of the stack.

So this year, my goal is to read all of the books I own but have never gotten around to yet. Then decide if they're worth keeping or not. (I can't send them away unread!) I may have to set a specific number if I survey my shelves and find there are a whole lot more than I realized.

2. Fill-in my Newberry reading with winners and honor books from the past 5 years.

I have already read several of these, but including Honor books, that still leaves me 14 to track down. This would be more daunting, except that they're all middle grade. Also, the fact that they're award winners makes it likely that my library will have all or most of them. Totally do-able.

3. Read something new by a favorite author.

There are some of L.M. Montgomery's that I've never read, or I may dip into Lloyd Alexander's more obscure works. Other possibilities include Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, or any one of my favorite contemporary authors. You notice I can't seem to pin myself down to an author yet. Part of the fun will be choosing which one.

4. Complete a series.

There are a few series that I've read the first one or two books, then somehow never gotten around to the rest. I'd like to fix that this year--at least for one series!

The first to come to mind are The Montmaray Journals, by Michele Cooper. Ever since I read the first one, I've been meaning to read the rest and have never done it. I'm sure there are others. Time to choose one and get 'er done!

* * * * *
Have you set any goals for your reading this year? Do you buy books only to let them sit on your shelves for ages? Tell me everything!


  1. Wonderful goals and I am in exactly the same situation as you with no. 1: library books vs what I own. In recent years I've read couple of LM Montgomery books that I really enjoyed: The Blue Castle (more adult or older teen) and Emily of the New Moon. Also An Old Fashioned Girl is my favorite Alcott book.

    1. The Blue Castle is one of my favorites! I've never heard of "An Old Fashioned Girl"--thanks for the suggestion!