April 3, 2017

Dream House?

When you talk about a "dream house" does a picture come to your mind? Do you even talk about your dream house? Or are you perhaps already living in your dream house?

I've had houses on my mind a lot over the past few months, as we are preparing to sell this one and are in Utah this week looking for one to buy. As we've talked and looked at places online, I've come to realize something about myself: I don't dream in houses.

A house for me is a place to live. The end. I like to be comfortable, and I definitely have developed some preferences for certain things over the years, but really, when all's said and done, I think I would be content with any number of homes.

Our home in Washington is a case in point. We purchased it sight unseen--except for photos--7 years ago. We were originally going to rent it, but about a month before we were scheduled to move here from Missouri, the owners decided to sell it instead. We had no time (or money) to come house-hunting, so we put an offer on it, which they accepted. We figured it would be fine, as long as inspections came through without finding any glaring problems. You know what? It has been fine.

I don't love it. I won't miss it, but it's not like I've been unhappy here. It has been perfectly adequate for our needs. It has never been my favorite layout--especially the split-level entry, and the small living areas upstairs. Oh well. We've made it work. We've done some remodeling over the 7 years we've lived here that have made it fit our family better--added a bathroom, redid the kitchen, etc. (By "we" I mean "my husband.") With each change I've liked it better, but will I miss it? Still no.

I am much more sad to leave my flowerbeds behind! Surprise, surprise! :) I've spent far more time thinking about and planning for them than anything on the inside of the house. Looking at houses online and in person, it's not necessarily the features of the house that get me excited (though built-in bookshelves are always a plus!), but the possibilities for the yard.

If the house comes with some land, oh the dreams that start up then! Let's see, we'll need a greenhouse, and I'd like the orchard to be there, chicken coop in that corner, the vegetable garden close by, the flower farm will get this section, a play area for the kids over there.... The house? Eh--it is what it is. Let's talk about the GARDEN!

What about you? What kinds of things do you dream about?


  1. This is so funny, because clearly we are completely opposite. I have LOTS of opinions about how I want my dream home, and my husband and I spend entire date nights planning out this future dream home of ours. Maybe it's because I'm the daughter of an architect, but I think a lot about floor plans and functionality and design and all those kinds of things. And, maybe because I grew up in St. George where everyone has rock gardens for lawns, I don't care nearly as much about the lawn/garden side of things (but I'm eager to dig in and learn some things once we have a garden to care for!). The biggest thing I dream/plan/think about? My future home library...

    1. My husband wants to build a house someday, so I'm sure we'll get there with those types of discussions, too. In the meantime, though... And yes, a home library ranks high on my list of things inside the house to care about! :)