November 17, 2017

Back Corner Flowerbed

June 2017
I started planting this corner flowerbed, as well.
This one will have a red/yellow/white color scheme.
It is really branching out for me.
We'll have to see if I can stop the purple from creeping in there!

I was excited to have a little real estate next to the chain link fence.
So for climbers, I planted a 'Sweet Tea' honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum 'Inov71').
Average size 5-6' tall, 18-30" wide.
The tag said the flowers were yellow, pink and white.
They looked red to me!
If they really are pink, they may clash with everything else.
I guess time will tell.

Since this one will only take up some of the room on the fence, I want to plant a Sweet Autumn Clematis next to it, and train it to go the other direction on the fence.

Nov. 2017

I put the bird bath almost directly in the middle.
Then in a semi-circle curving around behind the bird bath, I did:
a red rose transplanted from the Oval Garden
Peony 'Charles Burgess' (Japanese; burgundy-red w/ gold in center)
Peony 'Jan van Leeuwen' (Japanese; white w/ yellow center)
Peony 'Festiva maxima' (double; white w/ crimson flecks)
Peony 'Red Charm' (double; deep red)
another rose from the Oval Garden (not sure on bloom color)

I planted some daffodils behind the peonies, along with the tulips dug out of the front bed.
There's a clump of Asiatic daylilies, also from the front corner bed, next to the rose on the right.

So, like with the others, I'll wait until spring to put in the summer bloomers.
I'm thinking possibly bee balm (monarda), black-eyed Susans (rudbeckia), and hollyhocks. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing this bed next year, Linnae. It promises to be beautiful with your plant choices. P. x

    1. Thanks Pam! I am already looking forward to spring.