January 24, 2018

Garden Goals 2018

Lest you think I'm only doing Reading Goals this year, here are my goals for my garden:

1. Successfully grow the vegetables we like to eat.
As you may recall, the vegetable garden last year was a dismal failure.
We got a late start, had water issues, we had birds (we think) that ate up all the seeds we planted, did not stay on top of the weeds...many reasons, one result: harvest was very small.

2. Grow enough produce to make salsa, tomato sauce, pickles (a new canning adventure!), and some vegetables to freeze or can for future use. (This one goes along with #1.)

3. Get my herb garden started.
I'm still thinking of doing this around the base of the fruit trees in the orchard...if they would get enough sun there...

4. Plant grass in the "aisles" of the orchard. Prune/stake trees as needed.

5. Prune lilac bush.

6. Get irrigation system set up for garden and orchard.

7. Start as much as I can from seed, either winter sown or in my greenhouse.

Flower Farm Goals

1. Figure out licensing/zoning/permits.
Get what I need to be legit.

2. Write a business plan. Do my market research and figure out pricing, etc.

3. Decide on a name and register for the web domain.

4. Purchase the basic supplies needed to get started.

5. Grow enough flowers to cut bouquets all summer and fall!

6. Make back my startup costs, plus $2000.


  1. Wait, you're really going to start a flower farm?!?!? That is so cool! And exciting! Wish I lived closer so I could buy your blooms!

    1. I wish you did too! :) I am planning to start small this year and see how it goes, but I am excited for it, too. As long as the city will let me sell things grown in my backyard, that is. Haven't talked to zoning yet.