January 22, 2018

Reading Goals for 2018

It has taken me awhile to come up with some good goals this year--not just for reading, but in all areas of my life. I know some people are very much against making resolutions at all, for various reasons. It seems for many to be just one more thing making them feel guilty or feel like a failure. For me, the simple act of writing a resolution or goal down on paper (or screen!) makes it much more likely that I will accomplish that goal.

I give it my level best, but I don't get bent out of shape if I don't make the goal in the time frame allotted. Many of my goals have been completed the following year. If I'm halfway through the year with zero progress on a goal, I figure it's time to re-evaluate: have my priorities changed, or do I not have the information or tools I need, or what's going on? Then I either revise the goal or delete it completely. No harm done. No guilt. Just forward progress, no matter how incremental at times.

So, here we go!

Reading Goals 2018

1. Read memoirs, biographies, and true stories about inspiring women and make a list for the blog, for future reference.
   I'm not setting a number of books here. It's not about the numbers on this one, it's about discovering new heroines and women to look up to--for myself and for my daughters. I enjoy fairy tales and princess stories, but I want to learn about real women that I can talk about and point to. I'm excited for this one!
   I plan to report on my progress quarterly, here on the blog, with a complete list at the end of the year .
   I already have some in mind that I would like to read more about, including Temple Grandin, Abigial Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Marjorie Pay Hinckley. Who would you add to this list?

2.  Read Newberry Award winner and Honor books from the past 5 years.
   You may remember this one is a carryover from last year. I am confident it can be done

3. Read aloud to my kids on Sunday afternoons/evenings.
  As my older two have started reading on their own a lot more, we haven't been reading out loud together nearly as much, and I miss it. Also, much to my dismay, I haven't been reading nearly as much overall with my 5 year old as I did with his older siblings. Time to fix that, too!

4. Read at least one book published in 2018.
  This may seem like a modest goal, but apparently, even one was too many for me last year.

5. Listen to Echo, by Pam Munoz Ryan, on audiobook, and at least 3 others.
  I have enjoyed the few books on audio that I've done, but haven't gotten in the groove of this one yet. I especially think it would be great for driving to and from grandparents, though, or while I'm doing my sewing projects. Just have to do it.

6. Read 4 classics.
  I'm going for 1 per quarter on most things this time around.

7. Read 1 book of poetry for adults and introduce my kids to more poets.
  Possibly memorize a poem.

8. Find a middle grade graphic novel  (a series would be great, too) for my 8 year old daughter to read.
  This is one of the genres I'm least familiar with. My daughter picked one up the other day that was quite a bit too old for her, but I didn't know what to tell her to find instead. I want to find one that we both enjoy. Wish me luck.

* * * * *
Wow, 8 goals! I'm going crazy over here! This will push me a bit, but all in good ways, I think. What do you want to read this year?

Please, give me all your suggestions!


  1. Great goals! I was going to suggest Eleanor Roosevelt to read about but then I saw it on your list. I read a YA biography by Russell Freedman of her and it was really interesting.

    1. Yes, he does a lot of great nonfiction for kids/teens. If you think of any others, let me know! :)