June 15, 2019

June Bloom Day: Catmint, Mostly

 Hey, what do you know? I actually got my act together this month and took pictures for Bloom Day! Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day is run by Carol over at May Dreams Gardens, and it’s a way to document what we have blooming in our gardens. It was fun and interesting doing it as a gardener, but it is quite helpful for me now, as a flower farmer, to see what gaps I need to fill. Let me tell you a secret—right now, it’s all gap!

No, I shouldn’t say that—my catmint is blooming quite beautifully out front, and I do have a handful of other things starting to bloom. Just not enough to make very much with yet. The field-grown flowers haven’t started up blooming yet at all.

So I will start out front, with the catmint I was telling you about. If I remember right, it is ‘Junior Walker,’ a variety related to ‘Walker’s Low,’ which as the name suggests, is supposed to be smaller.

This should be beautiful by this time next year, as I will allow the peonies to bloom—in shades of blush and pink.

My blue alliums have also started blooming, though they are a little harder to get in a picture.

Speaking of peonies, check out the color-changing properties of this one that just finished blooming in the front corner bed:

I’m pretty sure this one is Coral Sunset. It started out that vibrant pink, then kept fading until just before the petals dropped, it was the pale yellow of the picture on the right. Unexpected, but I love it!

Other than that, the pincushion flowers have just started up blooming for me, the first of the roses, and a handful of irises.

What’s in bloom at your house right now? Any flowers that change their colors to tell me about?

You can see what’s in bloom in other gardens around the world by going here: May Dreams Gardens.

Happy Bloom Day!

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